Tree Frog Trail

Despite the poor spelling, Tree Frog Trail is a really nice little mountain biking trail off the Swamp Rabbit Trail near Mauldin. You can reach it by parking on Parkins Mill Road near the bridge that goes under I-85 and then hopping on the SRT. Ride down past the treatment plant and you'll come to a split in the trail. To the left is the "Treefrog" Trail.

Greenville listed as top destination by Peter Greenberg

Table Rock and The Chimneys - Linville Gorge

The Chimneys are a grouping of rock formations located at the top of Linville Gorge, NC. They can be accessed easily via the Mountains to Sea Trail.

One of my sons, Lance.

Cave on the Mountains to Sea Trail

Close to the Chimneys is Table Rock Mountain which can be seen here from the parking area. From the parking area go right on the MST about a mile to reach the summit. Then go back the way you came past the parking area about another mile to reach the area known as the Chimneys. There are a number of camp sites near the parking lot but others along the trail as well, including in the cave seen above. 

Table Rock Parking Area

Summit of Table Rock, NC

Tiny Town

Tiny Town near Easley, SC is a treasure trove of holiday weirdness. I would refer to it as a celebration of Christmas but it's a bit of a stretch to call it that. Built over several decades, it features dolls and toys and other paraphernalia collected by the owners, some of which is Christmas related.  It's free of charge although donations are encouraged. It's supposedly open 5:30-9:30 nightly through the first of the year but when some friends and I went by this past Saturday (12/20/14) no one was around.  (It's even weirder in the dark though.)

It's definitely worth a stop. There's hot chocolate, a bonfire and even Santa on site.

Cedar Falls Park

Looking for another place to run recently, I decided to check out Cedar Falls Park.  It's a pretty nice little park located on the Reedy River in Fork Shoals. There are plenty of trails to run or walk on and nice waterfalls. It's located on the site of an old saw mill and contains on old damn as well.